Senior Friendly Perfect Home

Mobility is one of the bigger challenges that is faced while designing the perfect house. In order to make home more accessible, it is recommended to create designs that are stair free, designs with more open floor plans, wider doorways, with no – step entries, designs with lower sinks and safety showers, bathtubs and designs with wireless equipments.

While doing remodeling of current home into a safer & more functional one, it may require tear down of walls in order to go for a more open floor with fewer obstructions. It may also require new lighting systems and new, larger windows in order to optimize the homes lighting. Overall seniors need more light to make their homes functional. The home should be well – lit along the walls, ceilings, hallways and stairs ensuring optimal safety & unobstructed views.

One of the most important things for seniors is to have non slippery floors inside the home & bathrooms. If you have stairs, install handrails on both sides of stairs & make sure the entire stairway is well lit from top to bottom.


Color designs for the seniors…

High contrast colors can really help someone with poor eyesight, very useful especially in bathrooms. At times, seniors can become depressed or feel lonely. In that case, soft pinks & greens make them feel at peace, while red and orange can Improve your energy. Color can greatly increase the joy that seniors feel within their home, so make sure better colors are used for your home.

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