Safety & Saving tips for Seniors Travelers

There are few steps you can take to protect yourself & your belongings.

Travel & health insurance

It is very important for those who may get sick and need to cancel at the last minute or may encounter medical difficulties. While traveling, trip cancellation insurance will cover you in case you are forced to cancel your trip because of some unforseen events or come back home midway through. Travel insurance can also provide replacement value on lost baggage and supplemental health insurance covers your medical expenses if needed.


Travel off peak season.

Visiting destinations during it’s off – peak season offers many benefits to travelers. Seniors can easily available these benefits as they have not to plan their trips as per holiday schedules. However, when traveling out of season, be sure to pack appropriately for the weather and work some indoor activities in your plans in case you get to face chilling winds or rain. For seniors, train travel has been a popular overseas. Many hassals of flying from security checkpoints to the comfortable flight can be avoided by riding the rails. It is a much better option & cheaper alternative too.


Be selective what you eat.

If you want to enjoy your trip and want to spend more time seeing exciting places then you must keep the heavy, spicy & cheesy items to a minimum.




Don’t forget to carry your medicines.

You need to take your medicines with you and make sure you have got enough medicine to last you an extra day or two, just in case your flight back home gets delayed. Don’t pack your medicines in checked luggage. Always keep them in your hand bag & carry the list of medicines written on a paper. Try to note down the name of medication in the language of destination you are traveling.

Keep the cash & expensive things (like gold jewelry & watches) to a minimum. In order to get through full days of walking & touring, wearing flats will help you to stay comfortable & steady. Even small heels can make you more prone to spraining a ankle or making you feel uncomfortable while full day walking.

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