Eat Right Feel Young ,”Celebrate Age”

Health and diet are the anxious topics of today’s generation. “Why anxious”? You might say today’s life is competitive, stressful so….

Gujarati literature has a quote “anna avo odakhar”. It might sound very true and appropriate to today’s life. You all reach and cross the third phase of life age of 55+. Its most important phase of the life as we all feel our self to be settled socially and financially. In today’s term undesired to be a successful person at the age of ’55’ isn’t it?

I would ask you, are you successful also for your own health too? Do you see yourself in the mirror? What you find? wrinkles on your Face? Tummy is popping out, with few pains in the body, getting bald… if you have all these then you need a good diet and health canceller.

‘Let’s talk about basics of lifestyle after “55”….
I would say just simply follow, following routine , you will stay fit .. Get up with sunrise , have a warm water , few nuts , and start balancing your breath with pranayama for 15 minutes , have a brisk walk or cycling with soft and mild sunshine. Have a nutritive breakfast like one fruit, glass of milk and hot snacks… 

Attend your office, have a long plan meetings and have a good green veggy lunch with chapatis.

Leave office by half evening. Reach home gave fun with family and grand children, laugh loudy with them. Set you meal I your stomach as sunsets.

As super ends sit in “vajrasan” with worships to god and say thanks to god for  giving a best of life … take a leave from everyone by saying good night and be with own self for  20 minutes talk and report about the whole day what  you did to you inner self. Sweet or a soft pleasant, peaceful music and have a relax sleep.

You might feel as I design life doesn’t seem to be as easy it looks ,”yes I agree” but I would firmly believe that “life is what you design and a design is what you think and what you eat”.  

This blog is written by Maya Gujarati, currently working as a faculty at Swad Cooking Institute!

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