Age is only a number, they say !!! Is it really so ?

Author : Ravi S Singh

Well, It depends upon perceptions. The answer maybe a bullish YES or even a cringing NO. It is your own decision, nobody else’s.

We as human beings continue to change with every passing day. Darwin called it evolution, so we evolve. But hardly do we take a note of it. So much is the speed of our lives these days that we don’t realize much and things keep on happening around us. Of course we undergo physiological changes too and “Grey Older”. I call it growing “wiser” instead, as we keep adding on knowledge & experience throughout.

Our life cycles are very intriguing & interesting and impact us all the time. Till 40-45, we are too busy and focused, trying to scale all possible heights in our careers. We try our best to do well in our respective fields, till this point. But simultaneously, we develop a family, reproduce, the kids grow up, go to school, study, play and it all happens at jet speed. Our spouses continue to age alongside us without our too much of attention/notice. It was all happening. It was very fascinating but we hardly enjoyed it. Right ?

We tend to realize things that have happened around us when we touch 45, at a time when we have achieved a position of strength in our careers. We realize that not only have we grown, but kids also grew up and became too independent to keep looking at us for anything & everything. It already is the time for them to fly, to be on their own, to start nurturing their own dreams. They are not interested in what their parents wanted them to do, now.

At this very instant, one tends to get lonelier in his/her profession as well because he/she is on a position of importance and has to follow a specific pattern or protocol. It is hard to handle but not too difficult, I guess. If only one takes the life as it comes, things appear to be simpler. You have to enjoy every day equally inspite of the fact that all the days will not be similar. You have to understand that your “own” time begins now. You had been preoccupied with probably too many responsibilities till this point & now are relatively more free to enjoy life.

Everybody must have some hobby or pastime throughout his/her life. It can be dance, music, movies, sports, literature, painting, plantation, tourism , social-work, raring pets or anything else. Carefully nurtured hobbies go onto to become our best friends in loneliness. As is the case with my close friend Mr. Vibhu Verma who always had some inclination towards music but picked it up as a passion only recently. He is a fabulous guitarist now and sings his favourite songs very fondly to not only enthrall elite audiences but also to derive huge satisfaction. These activities stop mental decay and keep us going. Infact the grey cells get some additional multi-vitamins if we indulge in some activity with a respectable expertise.

I will use a Cricketing analogy to explain how differently two individuals can approach a situation and still be successful. It is tale of two great cricketers that India has produced in recent past.

1. Rahul Dravid,
2. Virendra Sehwag.

While Rahul was very articulate and meticulous in his approach, Sehwag was bang opposite. Not that Sehwag was less talented or less successful but he was certainly more charming. Rahul will stop at every milestone in his stay at the crease, take a fresh guard and restart the meditative exercise all afresh. Sehwag never cared for milestones. He will play on without a crease on his forehead.

Of course, choice is yours. You have to decide what suits you better, a studious way to go about it or a happily carefree one. What is important is that you go about it & don’t get bogged down.

I don’t think life after 50 or 60 should be taken any differently. Life is like a flowing river, it doesn’t have any stop overs. You don’t realize reaching a point and you have reached there. Not only that, you’ve moved On. We get ONE life and that’s it. Live it as well as you can, keep changing with the times, keep pace with the flow, try and stay connected with all your fiends, relish every minute of it, be charming, be happy, stay at peace with yourself, continue to believe that tomorrow will be better. It really is going to be.

The writer is Ravi S Singh, an engineer with MBA, a senior executive from Corporate World having worked at senior positions in Textiles companies for over two decades, widely travelled person, specialises in business development and organisation building !

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