Life is a process of GROWING UP and NOT growing OLD!

Author: K D S Tanwar

We ALL are CARRIERS of A BATON(SOUL) which keeps on changing hands.

During the Journey changes occur within and beyond the body sphere. Materialistic, Social, Mental and Spiritual Changes ARE the Embalming agents to our physical EVOLUTION.

    • Our relatives and immediate family are our HERITAGE.

    • Our wife and friends ARE our EARNINGS.

    • Our KIDS are our efforts to satisfy the NATURE’S Craving for LIFE.

    • Life is a journey of discovering this TRIDENT formation and carrying it.
    • The TRIDENT with a shaft of our physical Masculinity, The TRIDENT with sharpness of our SPIRITUAL Edge.
    • Our Mental health is our grip over the shaft.
    • Materialism CAN ONLY add shine and NOT strength to it.
    • This is an endless journey we have to ENDURE & ENJOY.

  • PHASES will keep on changing, PLACES shall change with their PLEASANT & EVER SURPRISING Surroundings.
  • EVENTUALLY the PLANETS TOO SHALL Change. WOW !!!!!!! The MOMENT of passing on the BATON!!!.
  • It’s EUPHORIC to carry on with this mesmerising changing scenario. AND
  • Embrace LIFE to make our MASTER FEEL PROUD of his CREATION.
  • After ALL it’s the journey THAT MATTTERS.
  • LOVE to LIVE & LIVE to LOVE.

K D S Tanwar is a textile graduate who started with industrial jobs.

Later on tried his luck with the speculative markets without success. Restarted with textiles and presently self employed in the field of yarn processing and warp knitting.

He loves traveling and reading fiction besides shaking hands with speculative market often, though on a smaller scale !

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