Author: Praveen Kakkar, Founder – Sundar Krishna

If you want to be happy, then your attitude towards everything has to be right. People with the right attitude always make the circumstances in their favor.

Attitude is your way of viewing life. It is a major part of our personality and it enables us to interpret reality in a proper way. Attitude is the way in which we focus on various situations faced by us in our everyday life.

Your optimistic and heartfelt attitude makes a big difference in your life and makes you feel how blessed you are. Your attitude is very important in life as it governs the way you perceive everything and other people perceive you.

With negative attitude, we make our small issues appear so big. We can’t always choose what happens in life but we can choose to respond with either anger or with acceptance.

There are many examples of people who inspire us to accept yourself just as you are to see that despite the flaws, you are the best.

At times, you might resent what life has given you and you may think about what you don’t have. But you should focus on what you do have and what you can do. Never say to yourself that you are not good enough or worthy of anything. If you believe it’s possible then it’s definitely possible.

Stop complaining about having no time for yourself. You have 24 hours in a day; if you sleep 7 hours a night and work for 8 hours every day and you are still left with a free time of 9 hours every day, and 63 hours every week to do all the things you want to do.

Don’t blame anybody else if you are not as satisfied, as happy or as prosperous as you could be. Have the right attitude of looking at your life. People with positive attitude are always confident and fully under control in facing any kind of situation.

When you have positive attitude, you can control your internal thoughts and can adjust your reactions to make a positive impact on yourself and other people around you.

Positive attitude always helps you to believe in you, and to look forward to any situation.

It increases your confidence to take healthier risks and create more opportunities. You feel stronger and have the ability to make the situation great. It inspires you to take up the big challenges in life.

I would like to share with you one of the finest examples of having a positive attitude and that is of Deepa Malik’s remarkable journey from wheelchair to the podium. Deepa Malik is paralyzed from waist down, a spinal tumour confined her to a wheelchair 18 yrs ago and she has been unable to walk since then.

But this disability could not stop her to go ahead with her mission and she became the first Indian woman and oldest athlete to ever win the silver medal in the women’s ‘Shot Put’ event at RIO Paralympics, 2016.

Choose to have a positive attitude because it gives the courage to do what you want and to follow your dreams. It helps you to be true to yourself always and you make your own choices by listening to your heart, instead of accepting what others want.

You never give up on your goals when everything seems to go the other way. It gives you a positive future vision and makes you learn how to enjoy the unexpected even it’s not what you wanted originally.

Positive attitude helps you to believe, dream, try and succeed – age is no bar. You can follow your dreams at any stage of your life.

For example, the person behind the multinational fast food joint KFC is Colonel Sanders and it is amazing how this man started at the age of 65, when most retire, and built a global empire. In 1976, he was ranked as the world’s second recognizable celebrity.

You must believe, your attitude is everything!

Praveen Kakkar – Founder

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